Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to download music from youtube

Many guys ask me : How to download music from youtube?

I suggest you to try this software: RipTiger

Click the picture to download it FREE!!

The RipTiger is World's #1 Downloader for Web Video & TV,and it could download music from youtube also.


World's #1 Downloader for Web Video & TV & Music: Capture, download and convert popular web video formats, like hulu video, youtube video and music much more.
Capture Web Video Automatically. Convert. RipTiger is the easiest and the most powerful program to capture web video and TV, also capable of converting the video and optionally transferring it to your iPod.

RipTiger is an online video downloader that saves video to your computer as soon as you start watching. RipTiger captures web video automatically and downloads it while you continue surfing the web. All downloads are saved to your download folder so you can change file names, convert web video to other formats and enjoy your video. This state-of-the-art software records web video in the background in original quality, and you don't have to click or start each download process manually. Once you start watching the video on the web, RipTiger will pick it up and do the recording for you.

System Requirements:
Windows Vista x32, Windows XP x32, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP x64
The recording speed depends on your internet connection.

How to use it to download music from youtube?

Please configure RipTiger according to your best needs before starting to dowlnoad.

Click on the "Settings" button on the program panel to make the needed adjustments.
    1. “Download to folder:”. Specify the folder where you want RipTiger to save your downloaded videos.

    2. “Download filter:”. Specify whether you want RipTiger to capture SWF files. These file types mostly contain advertisements but sometimes may be valuable to you. 3. "Convert files to:”. Specify the output format fot the RipTiger built in video converter. Chose from AVI, iPod and Windows Media formats with various quality settings. 4. "Compatibility Mode:”. Move the slider to the right if you are experiencing troubles with your downloads. Usually applies to the long videos.
Now! Let's download music from youtube.

Capture video from video sharing websites with these simple instructions:
1. Launch RipTiger

2. Using any browser go to the page with the video you wish to download.

3. The download will start automatically
    You can monitor your downloads in the RipTiger program window.

  Once the download of a normal flash video Normal Video Ripping starts, you can close its browser window.

4. When the download is finished you will be able to convert it and transfer to your iPodwith a single click.

5. You can locate your downloaded and converted files by clicking "My Downloads" button.

Alternatively, you can start downloading directly from the RipTiger window by clicking the "Add URL" and manually adding the video URL.

*Note: If you are having troubles downloading a certain video - clean your browser cache, turn RipTiger off and then back on, and try to download again. RipTiger catches all the videos you watch in your browser automatically. If you don't wish to download, you can turn RipTiger off or close it competely.

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